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What Is Workout Buddies Meet

We are a white label app that makes it easy for people to workout with a buddy and save money.


What can the app do for you?

Discover Workout Buddies, Match, and then Workout!


Read short bios about a workout buddy


Swipe Left to Match and Swipe Right to pass.


Book a time slot on a workout buddies calendar to workout.

Workout Buddies Meet has the solution!

Accountability, Friendships, and Success!

  • Want a workout buddy?

  • Desire someone to go to the Gym with you?

  • Currently not working out and feel guilty?

  • Did you join a gym and have no one to go with you?

  • Wish you had accountability to stay consistent?


What is a Workout Buddy Band?

When you Buy a Buddy Band we give a Buddy Band to a person in the state of Mississippi to eliminate health disparities.

Buddy Band

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Who is Querida Walker?

The first and only Queen of Workout Buddy Matching Making.

Health Benefits of Workout Buddies Meet include:

  • Lose Weight!

  • Reduces Depression!

  • Improves Mental Health!

  • Improved Physical Health!

  • Lowers Stress!

  • Improves Heart health!

  • Lowers blood sugar!

  • Prevents diabetes!

Workout Buddies Meet is a solution to:

  • Are you not compatible in workouts with your significant other and friends?

  • Want to Stay motivated?

  • Desire to Get started?

  • Workout Buddies Meet is the solution!


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Meet Querida Walker

The first and only Queen of Workout Buddy Match Making.

Mother, Widow, Entreprenuer.

Querida or Darling in Spanish is a mother and widow of 5 boys. Her name darling or beloved in bodies her sweetness and love for all. Querida is a fitness enthusiast who loves sharing her vegan journey, how she keeps her family healthy, and how she fought depression when losing her late husband. She's here to be your virtual workout buddy and support you through your journey by matching you with workout buddies and resources.

Why Querida Created Workout Buddies Meet.

When Querida began her health journey she realized that she wasn't compatible in fitness with her late husband and many friends. She needed help in her health journey and she eventually had success, with the help of her late husband who found her workout buddies. Now she is using this system to help others find workout buddies so they aren't alone in their health journey and they to can have success.

Your Buddy Band Purchase:

  • 100% access to the Workout Buddies Meet App.

  • Accountability

  • Free entry to Workout Buddy Match Making Meetups.

  • Monthly Virtual Walk N' Talk with Querida and Special Guests

  • Group Support and Chat

  • Early Access to upcoming events.


Querida's Profile on the left is her view to edit. The right is a users view after clicking on Querida's profile to match with Querida. Both are partial views of her profiles.

Querida's 5th born Son.

How Workout Buddies Meet Saved Two Lives.

Querida's 5th born Son.

Querida's 5th Born Son

Querida's life changed in 1 phone call when a nurse in the ER said they had her husband of over 20 years in the ER and they were doing everything they could to revive him. Querida's Heart stopped and her life paused. For weeks Querida would literally live at the hospital. She would go home and shower, give her kids a hug, and rush back up to the ICU to be beside her husband.A ICU doctor witnessed this back and forth and told Querida she was going to get burned out and be in the hospital too from being there 24/7. Querida immediately knew she had to find a workout buddy for self care and to help save her life in a difficult time when she did not want to live. She began a self care routine of yoga with a virtual workout buddy early mornings while she lived in the ICU. She ate healthy meals from the hospital and meals from friends.Then she discovered that her life she was tying to save, ended up including another life.Querida discovered she was pregnant with their 5th son. Querida then gained more Workout Buddies and this helped to produce positive thoughts and eliminate the negative ones. Querida survived that difficult time by the grace of God and by having multiple workout buddies and she was able to deliver a healthy boy.Becoming a young widow while pregnant with other children who needed her to survive. Querida truly understands the importance of self care and fighting depression.
Having a self care routine with workout buddies will help you in good times and bad times.
Being a workout buddy to others and helping people find theirs is how Querida serves. Taking care of your temple is the legacy Querida wants to leave behind to her 5 boys, 1st daughter in love, and two God daughters.






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